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  1. Noise In And As Music | Aaron Einbond
    Noise In And As Music | Aaron Einbond / 9-9-2013 / ·

    […] to share the description and table of contents for Noise In And As Music, co-edited with Aaron Cassidy, to be published by the University of Huddersfield Press at the […]

  2. 9 Music Noise Blogs - Pop Revelations
    9 Music Noise Blogs – Pop Revelations / 9-19-2013 / ·

    […] Noise In And As Music – Aaron CassidyI have just sent off the final proof for the book I have edited with my colleague Aaron Einbond, titled Noise In And As Music and published by Huddersfield University Press. The book will be formally launched at the Noise In. […]

  3. julio
    julio / 11-12-2013 / ·


  4. seansay
    seansay / 2-22-2014 / ·

    Hi Aaron! Can I buy this book in amazon or other place?

  5. Alan
    Alan / 2-23-2015 / ·

    Great to see the rehearsal process. When will full performance be available on line? Difficult to access footage on You Tube. Entering Diego Costa give a lot of football stuff!

  6. Stewart Miller
    Stewart Miller / 5-23-2016 / ·

    Can’t wait to hear it!

  7. Alan Munro
    Alan Munro / 8-8-2016 / ·

    Hi Aaron.
    Alan Munro from Alba New Music here. Looking forward to welcoming you to Edinburgh in October.
    Can you give me any more details of gig at City University , London in November please?
    Kind regards

  8. The wreck of former boundaries (music video) | Angela Guyton
    The wreck of former boundaries (music video) | Angela Guyton / 5-11-2017 / ·

    […] is a blog post Aaron wrote about it […]

  9. John Bryan
    John Bryan / 6-28-2017 / ·

    Is there any data about the gender balance amongst composers more generally? Is the admirable aim of going for 50/50 actually likely to disadvantage male composers, who may simply be in the majority in the world at large?

  10. lindaokeeffe
    lindaokeeffe / 6-29-2017 / ·

    Fantastic news, as founder of the Women in Sound Women on Sound organisation, http://www.wiswos.com, located in Lancaster, I am happy to support an activity like this in any way I can.
    Linda O Keeffe

  11. Todd McKean
    Todd McKean / 9-2-2017 / ·

    is this book still available, anywhere?

  12. Alan
    Alan / 11-11-2017 / ·

    Hi Aaron, great to see performances in the U.K early next year. Already looking forward!

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