A republic of spaces


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Photos from the November 2019 recording session with Line Upon Line, Phipps Recital Hall, Huddersfield, UK:




instrumentation: 3 percussion
date: 2018
duration: 9’00
details: 24 pages, including performance instructions; A4 landscape

Programme Note

“Foam, in its fleeting form, gives us opportunity to observe the subversion of substance with our own eyes. … [A] bastard of matter, born of an illegitimate connection between elements, an opalescent surface, a charlatanry made of air and something or other. There is seething, inflation, quaking and bursting. What remains? Foam air returns home to the general atmosphere while more solid substance disintegrates into drops of dust. What is almost nothing becomes what is almost not. … Foam, like the house of cards, is where the dreamers and agitators are at home.” (from Peter Sloterdijk’s Foams (Spheres III), trans. Wieland Hoban)

A republic of spaces was commissioned by, written for, and dedicated to line upon line.

line upon line. First Street Studio, Austin, Texas. 28, 29, & 30 September 2018.