Current Activities – December 2012

A brief update on my activities this month …

I am currently working on two articles, one on my two string quartets for an upcoming Contemporary Music Review issue edited by Dan Albertson and Richard Toop, and the second outlining the approach to geographical constraint schemata and multi-dimensional gestural modeling in my Second String Quartet and A painter of figures in rooms, for Search Journal.  Additionally, I’ve started work on the first entries in a book of voice etudes. The etudes will be written for a collection of various soloists, with the first batch to be premiered by Carl Rosman in Huddersfield in April 2013, with additional etudes to be premiered through 2013 by Peyee Chen (the dedicatee of the full collection) and others.

We are also in the final stages of preparing the next release on the HCR label. The disc features EXAUDI vocal ensemble in works from their ‘Exposure’ series, including pieces by Bryn Harrison, Steven Chase, Claudia Molitor, Joanna Bailie, Richard Glover, James Weeks, as well as a studio recording of my A painter of figures in rooms to complement the live recording released by NMC earlier this year. The disc should be ready for release sometime early in 2013.

And, to top it off, work has started on this … a book of edited essays and a conference/symposium on Noise/Noise Music/Noise in Music.