The Crutch of Memory (NEOS 11201)

A portrait CD of my work from 1999–2009, performed by ELISION Ensemble. Predominately solo works (and one duo), and outlining the development of my work with tablature. Liner notes by Evan Johnson.

Includes:  The Crutch of Memory; Being itself a catastrophe, the diagram must not create a catastrophe; Because they mark the zone where the force is in the process of striking; What then renders these forces visible is a strange smile; I, purples, spat blood, laugh of beautiful lips; Metallic Dust; asphyxia; songs only as sad as their listener.

Recorded and produced by Radio Bremen, supported by CeReNeM. NEOS 11201, January 2012. Available here.

Aaron Cassidy, Hein Laabs (Producer), Daryl Buckley (Photo: Charlie Plinke)
Carl Rosman (Photo: Charlie Plinke)
Richard Haynes (Photo: Charlie Plinke)
Aaron Cassidy, Carl Rosman (Photo: Charlie Plinke)
Project producers: Marita Emigholz, Radio Bremen; Daryl Buckley, ELISION
Ben Marks, Daryl Buckley, Sendesaal Bremen
Renate Wolter-Seevers, producer
20090923 Sendesaal 051-1
Richard Haynes, Peter Veale (Photo: Charlie Plinke)