Temporality of the Impossible (HCR)

Dejana Sekulić, violin: Temporality of the Impossible. Includes The Crutch of Memory (2004), performed with octave-low violin strings, along with works for solo violin by Clara Iannotta, Rebecca Saunders, Liza Lim, Evan Johnson, Cathy Milliken, and Dario Buccino. Recorded on 1-2 July 2021, L’Argonne, Brussels, Belgium LUDO ENGELS Recording and EditingCHRISTOPHE ALBERTIJN Mastering Release date: 11 …

Phantom Images (HCR)

Phantom Images. Includes I, for example, … (2017), along with works by Katherine Young, Chris Mercer, Sam Pluta, and Charmaine Lee. Produced as part of the CeReNeM Speculations in Sound international research network, in partnership with the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University and the CHIME studios at the University of Chicago. HCR17, April 2018. …

The wreck of former boundaries (HCR)

The wreck of former boundaries—ELISION at 30. Peter Evans and Tristram Williams, trumpets. ELISION (Carl Rosman, clarinet; Joshua Hyde, alto saxophone; Benjamin Marks, trombone; Daryl Buckley, electric lap steel guitar; Joan Wright, contrabass). Part of the 30th Anniversary celebrations of the ELISION Ensemble, supported through a generous grant to the Centre for Research in New …

Caerulian (HCR)

Caerulian. Carl Rosman, clarinet. HCR12, November 2016. Includes The wreck of former boundaries (B-flat clarinet). Recorded at Studio des Ensemble Musikfabrik, Köln, July – August 2016. Recording producer/mastering, Stephan Schmidt. Available here.


EXAUDI. James Weeks, conductor. Includes:  A painter of figures in rooms Recorded at Tonbridge School Chapel, August 2012. Supported by Huddersfield University Research Fund and CeReNeM.  HCR06, May 2013.

A painter of figures in rooms (NMC)

New Music 20×12.  Compilation of the twenty works commissioned by the PRSF New Music 20×12 project as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.  Includes live recording of A Painter of Figures in Rooms, EXAUDI. Recorded by BBC Radio 3. NMC, digital download only. August 2012. Available here.

The Crutch of Memory (NEOS 11201)

A portrait CD of my work from 1999–2009, performed by ELISION Ensemble. Predominately solo works (and one duo), and outlining the development of my work with tablature. Liner notes by Evan Johnson. Includes:  The Crutch of Memory; Being itself a catastrophe, the diagram must not create a catastrophe; Because they mark the zone where the force is …